Cockos Incorporated – REAPER 4.75

Уважаемые друзья, вчера 07.11.2014 на официальном сайте компании “Cockos Incorporated” появилась обновленная версия программы REAPER. Скачать можно либо на страничке компании, либо на нашем сайте.

Что нового в версии 4.75?
Version 4.75 Changelog
  • Video:
    • fixed EOF issue with certain files and DirectShow
    • fixed OSX display switching from YV12 to YUV/RGB
    • fixed potential incorrect layering orders
    • search for ffmpeg binaries in appdata:UserPlugins\64 on win64 (allowing separate 32 and 64 bit installs)
    • section sources are supported for determining video frame
  • Envelopes:
    • fixed jumpy envelope points with the option ‘Envelope point selection follows time selection’ .
    • track FX envelopes read unarmed automation in write mode .
    • Arm buttons display a ‘pushed’ state regardless of the automation mode
  • Mixer:

    • fixed input label not being refresh in certain instances .
    • improved right-click on master track selection behavior
  • OSC:

    • fixed master solo feedback .

    • fixed volume feedback issues ..
  • OSX:
    • Fixed contextual key shortcuts not passing through some windows (copy, paste, delete, etc)
    • added ‘Backspace’ default key shortcut to delete things in managers, project bay, etc
  • Playback:

    • fixed hangs when changing playrate while paused .
    • small optimization to sends/PDC related code
  • Project bay:
    • if moving files fails, fall back to copying them (and trying to delete)
    • show copy status window when copying files
    • show errors when renaming/copying files
  • ReaScript:
    • display an error message when running invalid scripts (e.g. file not found)
    • display more details when Python initialization fails .
  • Render:
    • update rather than close configuration window when changing project tabs
    • fixed samplerate display issues in render queue .
  • Ripple edit:
    • action ‘Options: Ripple editing: Per-track/All tracks’ reports a toggle state
    • better behavior moving/pasting/removing items with later locked items
    • option for how to handle locked items (prefs/editing behavior/ripple editing)
  • Automation: Fixed global override button not being refreshed on project load/switches
  • Elastique 3: multichannel fixes .
  • Focus: Fixed cursor context issues, e.g. context lost (OSX) or changed (Win) after clicking a docked toolbar button
  • JSFX: fixed slider_automate() not obeying to the preference ‘Automatically add envelopes when tweaking parameters in automation write modes’ .
  • MIDI editor: fixed display/UI issues on projects with partial measures .

  • ReaSurround: recalculate channel outputs when automating speaker gain .

  • Undo: action ‘Master Track: Toggle stereo/mono’ creates an undo point .
  • API:
    • added GetGlobalAutomationOverride, SetGlobalAutomationOverride
    • added SetCursorContext (to change the focus programmatically and track/take envelope selection)”
    • fixed TrackFX_GetEQParam for gain parameters


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